Back from a wonderful evening at the Livingston Parish Children’s Choirs (LPCC) Christmas Concert. 

The children sang beautifully! 

This video contains a few short clips of songs sung by the Chorus (the choir Tana is in), the group finale and a special performance by a combo choir consisting of the Chorale (LPCC’s performance choir), the Guy’s Only Chorus Choir, and assorted adult LPCC alumni, choir parents and friends. 

Guess who joined in…

And He shall reign forever and ever… Hallelujah 

LPCC 2019 Christmas Concert

Click image to watch, listen and enjoy.

LPCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing vocal training of the highest standards to the children of Livingston Parish and the surrounding area. LPCC teaches basic musicianship skills, including music reading, part-singing, and vocal technique through both the Kodály and Orff methodologies.

Registration is open for the Spring Semester. Learn more at https://www.lpccsing.org

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