This week was beautifully busy.

After 7 weeks home enjoying family, active rest and refreshing, I hit the road again.
This time speaking/teaching took me to the tropics.

First was the privilege and joy of teaching God’s Word at home (New Hope).

Next – full back-to-back days leading professional development sessions in Florida and Puerto Rico.

NJ San Juan Beach

The teaching and travel schedule was strenuous but not stressful, because my hard work is heart work (Col 3:23-24).

When physically exhausted, I resisted my norm of multi-tasking to mental exhaustion, and focused on the work at hand.

I limited interactions that bring distraction. AND, instead of rushing back right after the last session to get to the next thing, – I obeyed the leading to relax and stay a while.

Honoring my introversion, I thoroughly enjoyed time alone on the island. Thoroughly.

Slept late.
Wandered the streets (discovering a hip little vegan restaurant).

NJ San Juan Streets

NJ San Juan Streets

NJ San Juan vegan restaurant

And exercised on the beach.

I took time to take in the beauty, be still, listen, and thank God for… everything.

This shift in perspective and focused action/inaction had me dang near skipping home (instead of dragging).

So thankful for this beautifully busy week.

Hope yours has been great as well.

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