NJ Accountability is Sweet

These daily posts show everything I eat and drink.  This transparency brings accountability to me as I ‘cleanse’ from refined sugar. I hope it also provides a few simple meatless meal and snack ideas for you.

Today was on of those days.

COVID-19 contingency planning for my family and business had my brain fried. Too much of the day was also spent on the hunt for hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. The 7th store landed me at Juban Crossing where I grabbed a late lunch/early dinner at Zea Rotisserie & Bar.

Zea was formed from the collaboration of three New Orlean’s chefs 30 years ago. I’m not sure how to describe their offerings other than delicious. In true New Orleans style, their dishes are rich, robust and flavorful.

Eating here is a challenging treat for me. Challenging, because meatless options are very limited (I pass this feedback along each time I dine there).  Treat – because health is clearly not not high on the criteria for the meal creators or eaters. It kinda wasn’t for me today. I wanted a treat meal and enjoyed one.

Sandwich, soup and salad sounds simple, but not the way they prepare it.

The corn soup was cream based with a little New Orleans kick.  The panini had so much going on so well – and the mustard bbq dipping sauce had me squirming in the booth. The salad also had well complimenting flavors and textures. (I’m sure the dressing had sugar in it which was not part of my plan, but I ate and enjoyed it anyway.)

Here’s the day’s eating.

NJ Accountability is Sweet 03122020

This was not inline with my plan nor was it the most healthy day, but it was sho nuff good.  {I blame my choices on the Corona.}

Tomorrow is a new (and better) day.

How are you eating?

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God bless and be well.


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