Y’all COVID-19 and all the associated fallout is hard.

In seeking God during this pandemic, over and over I’m sensing His call to stop and shift.


My calling and career have me in front of groups of people speaking/teaching, and the COVID-19 pandemic brought a stop to business as usual in my business. 

I put the break on travel and gathering in large groups before the government did. As a health educator, it didn’t make sense in my head, but moreover, my soul was unsettled and I followed the path of peace. (Thank You Holy Spirit!)


While many events and opportunities have closed, others opened.

While making calls to cancel contracted trainings and events on my plan, God’s plan opened – calls came for opportunities not considered.


  • Shift. Instead of traveling and training across the nation, I trained business leaders across the nation from our family room. {Developing a skillset and potentially opening a new mode of ministry and business operation}.
  • Shift. Last week, from the safety of my home in Louisiana, I was blessed to connect with a beautiful soul Kristin Anderson in Canada and share in The Mama of Faith Online Summit to help women around the world deepen their connection with God and experience more joy in their relationship with family. {This free virtual summit runs March 23-April 13 – the length of the stay-at-home order period in many areas. Click here to learn more and gain access.}

Mama of Faith Online Summit

Recording for The Mama of Faith Online Summit


  • Shift. Being home has allowed more time for me to support work at my home church, and contribute to the nation-wide congregational and community health outreach via NBC HOPE.
  • Shift. This hard, life-altering situation has opened my calendar and increased my focus on what really matters in life, and I’ve connected for long, heart warming, laughter-filled conversations with people I love but don’t see or speak with often.


Stop and Shift. 

Everyone everywhere is being asked to stop and shift something(s).

  • Stop and Shift. The doors of churches may be closed, but the church is not. There’s a shift in the minds of many about the definition and activity of the church, what worship is, and the depth of personal connection with God and others. Church operations are shifting, reaching more people with God’s Word and hope.
  • Stop and Shift. In many minds and social interactions, we are seeing a stop of selfishness as thoughts and concerns for others take precedence.
  • Stop and Shift. Where normal work/activity is not possible, new skills are being acquired and utilized.
  • Stop and Shift. The inability to be out and about is forcing needed family time.


What stops and shifts do you see in your life and the world?

This pandemic impacts us all. This is hard and by all accounts, more challenging days are ahead. AND there is still good.

God is in control. 

Let’s keep our gaze on God, look for and latch onto the good.

Better is coming, y’all. Better is coming.

Take care, God bless, be well and stay well.


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