Never underestimate the power of a strong why.

When your why is clear and meaningful to you it is empowering. It is motivating. It can inspire creativity, so that the ‘what’, the ‘when’, the ‘where’ and the ‘how’ – barriers that may show themselves are not as important. 

Whys are empowering.

I just finished my 2.23-mile run for a very motivating why.

I ran for Ahmaud Abrey.

Ahmaud Arbery Virtual Run Image

Image Source: Jason Vaugn on Runners World article


Ahmaud was an athlete. He played football in school. They said he was known for his speed.

He also was a runner. Ahmaud enjoyed running and did it to release stress.

Ahmad would have been 26 years old today, but on February 23rd his life was cut short when he was out on a run – doing what he loved to do and had every single right to do.

So I run with Ahmaud, in his memory today. I joined with thousands upon thousands of people all over this nation, (and perhaps the world) that are running in his honor.

I really do hope that his family seeing folks taking a stand by getting out on the road to walk, jog, or run in his memory – that it gives them what they need. If it is strength, if it’s courage, if it brings a smile along with those tears – I hope that other people remembering their Ahmaud… I hope that it gives them something special.

I also run for social justice today. Time’s out for this kind of crap! 

I sincerely pray justice prevails in this situation. 

I encourage everyone to not let our calls for justice – our demands for justice (in this specific instance and others) let’s not let them peter out as the days go by.

If you’re walking or running today, God bless you. I encourage you after today to continue to take a stand as well.  

This 2.23 miles I ran with Ahmaud for social justice, and I hope that you will join in whatever way fits for you and do the same. 

Take care, God bless, and be well.


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