Does #SafeAtHome mean #SedentaryAtHome for you?

How are you moving?

Quarantine shook up our schedules.
For some, exercise has not been desirable or doable.
For others, the shut down of regular life made space for regular exercise.

The latter is true for me.

NJ Fitbit Stats 3

Inspired by Debra Martin, Leslie Gordon, and other friends sharing their exercise online – I prioritized getting out of the house every day for physical (and mental) wellness, and in doing so rediscovered my luv of running (which floated away with the 2016 flood).

How have you been moving?

According to Fitbit, “recent research shows that Americans are moving 24 percent less than this time last year”, so if you are not moving as much as you need or want to, you are not alone.

Exercise protects and restores health, and May is National Physical Fitness Month – an excellent time to refocus or re-energize your exercise wherever you happen to be on that spectrum.

For a boost check out these resources:

Daily Fitness Tips: Every day in May fitness information and encouragement are shared on my business Facebook page. This month will also feature a few FB Lives with fellow fitness advocates that inspire me (I believe they will do the same for you). Be sure to like the page so the sharing will more likely show in your feed (Facebook shows what Facebook wants to show) and/or check the page for the daily posts.

TempleCare Fitness: For a bit more support, join us for TempleCare Fitness.
What it is not:
TempleCare Fitness is not a challenge. I think challenges are fun and they can really get folks energized and geeked during the challenge but longitudinal data shows that for most people (who don’t already have a solid exercise habit) after the challenge is done – they are done. It doesn’t effectively build habit.
TempleCare Fitness is not a prescribed program. It is not a setup where everyone is doing the same thing. Why? What works for one may not work for another person, and what works for me today might not work for me next week…

What it is:
TempleCare Fitness is a personalized exercise discipline (or habit) that nurtures your body.

It is an arm of the health work I do with clients where my goal is to guide and support them to find their activity fit and be consistent with it.

My client slots are full, but open this month for TempleCare Fitness, I’m providing the following FREE to anyone who wants support on their fitness journey
1) A TempleCare Fitness template that will help you to meet or exceed the recommended guidelines of physical activity for health
2) Abundant exercise options so no matter your fitness level, you can find something that will fit and be effective
3) Support – reach out to me, I’m here praying and pulling for you

NJ TempleCare Fitness Template

If my sharings about science-based, faith-empowered wellness resonate with you, you find them helpful, and are interested in TempleCare Fitness in May – come on along. {I’m excited to virtually move with you!}

Email me at nettye@nettyejohnson.com, tell me your goal, and I’ll forward the template and a list of quarantine compliant ways to exercise to get you going or add some variety to your current regimen.

I pray that everyone that comes along will make it a God thing because apart from Him we can do nothing.

In return, I ask a favor. Share.
– Share a recommendation (it is easy to do on Facebook). Click here to recommend my work/ministry to help others who may need it find it.
– Share this post/website with someone you believe this will be helpful.

8 years ago the Lord led me to put out content to encourage and help others as I’ve been helped. This website links to hundreds of blog posts, podcast episodes, Facebook, or Instagram sharings that brag on God, encourage and equip people in their work, wellness, and walk of faith.

Every share is like a hug that encourages me.

Offerings extended and requests made – let’s move what the good Lord gave us – with consistency!

Take care, God bless, be well and stay well,



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