Can you believe it is August! This year is almost gone (many applaud this fact). 2020 has been a doozy, and in the midst there are lessons and blessings.

School has started here, and our district has children back on campus. Yes. Babies PreK – 2nd grade are back full days, everyday. Children and youth 3rd – 12th are back 2-3 days per week.

Our children are not back.

We were led to keep our kids home and participate in a virtual education track, so like many parents across this nation, I’ve added the roles of teacher, tutor, librarian, cafeteria cook, custodian, counselor, para, disciplinarian, and advocate to my realm of responsibility. Whew!

We see the blessing in this and are thankful.

Thankful that this option is possible (the school system didn’t have this option a few weeks ago).

Thankful that we are blessed with the bandwidth for me to be present to provide this support for our kids.

Thankful and prayerful that by keeping our kids home, we are not only helping to keep our family safe, but also hopeful that all the families that are keeping kids home are reducing capacity in the schools so the children and educators that have to be there can be safer.

We are thankful and stretched. (It’s the first week and I’m already tired – smile). Please remember kids and educators in your prayers and encourage/support parents and teachers as you are led and able.

Now – a bit about a different education opportunity that is keeping me filled and focused on God and I believe can do the same for you.


The Greater Louisiana Baptist Convention is holding their first virtual conference. Over these next two weeks, there are:

  • 45 worship, prayer and praise experiences
  • 24 Christian education classes (including COPP classes, seminars, and pastor workshops)
  • Panel discussions
  • Virtual community

Someone commented there is something helpful for everyone offered – and I agree.

For individuals, participation in the conference is free. Worship, prayer, and panel events stream on the GLBC Facebook page. Classes and seminars are held via ZOOM.

Click here to access the conference schedule at-a-glance. This pdf has clickable links for registration and login information. If you are on Facebook, please join the GLBC 2020 Virtual Conference Facebook group. It is the place for information, updates and community connection.

I’m serving on the technology team for this conference. (This is new to us and it has been quite a learning.)

I’m also blessed to teach a 2-day workshop, Thursday and Friday from 10-11:30, on how to assess needs to direct ministry.

NJ GLBC Assessing Needs to Direct Ministry

Ministry means meeting needs, and it is hard to do this effectively if we don’t know what the needs are.

The crises of COVID and social injustice, and the resulting (economic, mental, physical, emotional, social) impacts create new and magnifies existing needs in our congregations and communities.

God’s Word and His Hand are so needed, and our outreach has to be properly focused, planned, and prepared to serve. We have to rethink the goals and methods of ministry, and assessment is a critical step of the process.

I’m really looking forward to this exploration of Biblical foundations and practical principles of needs assessment with the class, and would love to have you join us if you are available. Click here to register for this free class.

I ask for your prayers and your input as I prepare for this session. Responses received from a request to my email list for help with the “Hearing From God” classes were so insightful and helpful – I’m asking for help again! Here is the question:

What is a main need you see currently in your congregation or community?

Needs are many, please share with a single one. The main one you see, that hits and touches your soul. The one Holy Spirit impresses upon you. Put it in the comments, or send to me via email at nettye@nettyejohnson.mystagingwebsite.com.

Thank you.

If you are available, I’d love to see you in the class I am teaching or any of the upcoming sessions.

I appreciate your input and I appreciate you.

BTW – there have been requests for links to the two “Hearing From God” sessions. Here they are:

Take care, God bless and be well,



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