Join our mindful exploration of food that is good to us and good for us.


Theologian Norman Wirzba calls it “God’s love made edible”,  but for many, this delicious gift of sustenance has become a stronghold that hinders health and purpose.

Does food hold a proper role in your life?  Connect with us for TempleCare Cooking  – a mindful exploration of food that is good to us and good for us.

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Rethinking the Tradition of Food

My parents were born in the 20s and 30s in McComb and Liberty, Mississippi, and I was bred on down home, old fashioned southern values… and cooking. I thank God for my upbringing and enjoy the tastes, textures and memories of good soul food, yet the strong pattern of hypertension and diabetes in my family health tree called for a closer look at the food I had given a hallowed place. It was easy to see that a diet full of things fried, smothered, candied or porked was good to me, but not good for me. Knowing better, I had to do better to care for my God given temple.

My food focus shifted from blindly following tradition to mindfully exploring the tradition of our cooking.  TempleCare Cooking was born…more

“Everyday across this nation, many people pray to God to “bless this food we are about to receive to nourish our bodies…” and then proceed to feed on substandard stuff. Filling themselves with too much food providing too little nutrition. Health and wholeness suffers, as millions live beneath their physical potential due to fork-induced, chronic illness and disease. Just imagine the change, if instead of asking God to bless the mess we put in our temples, we took steps to bless and honor God by making healthy choices.”

Nettye Johnson

Certified Health Coach

Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Want to improve your eating? Start by setting up your kitchen for success. I can help.  Learn more…

When you eat or drink or do anything else, always do it to honor God. 1 Cor. 10:31 (CEV)

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