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Put Your Faith Where Your Fork Is outlines a faith-empowered approach to health and wellness.

This book people helps people dissatisfied with their physical condition adjust their thoughts, eating and activity so they can end the struggle with weight, embrace health and take their body to its God-given potential.

This book explores spiritual truths and scientific principles to help you:

  • Put God first and grow closer to Him in the pursuit of health and wellness.
  • Right skewed relationships with food.
  • Embrace moderation and eliminate food guilt.
  • Create a personalized, effective, and livable food philosophy for healthy weight loss and maintenance.
  • Change your view of healthy disciplines from a challenge, battle, or struggle to a privilege, joy, a part of who you are, and a way to honor God.

The book is designed to be a catalyst for change, providing information, calls for self-examination and concrete application steps.

Step into the body God designed. Secure your signed copy today.

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  1. Paula

    Congratulations!! Can u believe your book is completed?!! I’m looking forward to reading it!!

    • Nettye Johnson

      Thanks Paula! This assignment has been a labor of love. I hope it is a blessing.

  2. Barbara A Newman

    Can you supply more information on this weight loss program? I’ve just started the 17 Day Diet Plan by Dr. Moreno. A friend mentioned yours to me. Many thanks, Barbara

    • Nettye Johnson

      Hi Barbara,
      Congratulations on your start and thanks for inquiring. Put Your Faith Where Your Fork Is does not outline a diet or weight loss program. The book explores scientific principles and biblical truths to help individuals develop eating habits to attain and maintain a healthy weight.
      More details are at https://nettyejohnson20220912.mystagingwebsite.com/book/
      Glad to discuss further via email if you have further questions (email book@nettyejohnson.com).
      God bless and be well,


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November 27, 2015

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