COVID-19 is impacting us all.
The fallout from this virus hits more than physical health, it also brings economic, societal, institutional, spiritual, mental and emotional stressors.

And there are helps.

Often people have needs, there are available resources – and there’s an information gap between the two. If we can help to bridge that gap, let’s do that.  This information is shared with hopes to that end. Click images that follow to access.

I pray the information and resources are helpful and encourage you to pass it along. You never know who may be in need.




COVID-19 mortality rates highlight long, deep-seated African-American health disparities. In this FREE online session, we’ll explore ways to own, and improve our health. 

Two offerings:

  • Tuesday, April 14th at noon CST – Register here.
  • Thursday, April 23rd at 7 pm CST – Register here.


Money Matters contains 7 graces, resources, and practices that can give some relief that may ease coronavirus-related financial burdens.

  • Watch video exploration here or 
  • Listen to podcast episode here


If your heart is heavy – beloved, you are not alone.

Emotions need release. Give yourself time, space and grace to acknowledge where you are. Watch here or listen here.


Too blessed to stress…This sounds good, but is it reality?

We all experience stress and during this period of pandemic, stress is… real. If you could benefit from some effective stress management strategies – this session is for you.


Moving, being active, and leaning into regular exercise during this stressful, restricted time can help physical and mental health. Check out these ways to get and keep moving.


How’s your eating?

If you are wearing your refrigerator out, and need more than a meme, challenge, diet, detox, or tea to get your eating under control, this session is for you.


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