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Education, programs and coaching services to move the body of Christ.

Faithfully Fit Tips

Move Your Body

Our bodies were made to move and being regularly active is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our health. The benefits of exercise are abundant and undeniable, yet most of us remain sedentary. This post contains tips to help move beyond common exercise barriers to make activity a regular part of our lifestyle.  Read more…

One Hour Investment For Your Health

Every cell in our body benefits from physical activity. No time to exercise? A one-hour workout is a whopping 4% of your day.  (So doable!)  For more encouragement, check out ten mind blowing body benefits to regular exercise. Read more… 

Must Haves to Keep Running Feet Healthy… and Presentable

Attention fitness walkers and runners: Our tootsies take a beating! If feet are not properly protected and cared for, we open ourselves to injury and an open toe shoe look that is downright scary.  Peep these must-haves to keep running feet healthy and presentable. Read more…

Personal Services

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Are you sedentary or consistently inconsistent with exercise?  I’ve been there and know the challenge of making exercise a regular part of life. Let me help you find your exercise fit – a spiritual and physical discipline that honors God and benefits your body.

Our health coaching offerings are designed to be:

  1. Scientifically sound. Science and medicine are wonderful blessings. When indicated, we partner with professionals on your allied health team to ensure planning is safe and effective.
  2. Specific to each client. All our programs are custom designed to fit your ability, lifestyle and goals.
  3. Accessible. We work and connect in person, by phone, email and internet.
  4. Affordable. The fees for our life-improving services are purposely structured for accessibility.
  5. Devoted to God. The Lord is our strength. Apart from Him we can do nothing!


Change is not easy, but it is possible.
Would you benefit from individual support?  Beyond personal training, certified ACE Health Coach services provide assistance with fitness, nutrition and application of the science behind true behavior modification to safely progress your towards their goals. Areas of specialty include:

  • Weight loss and maintenance
  • Program design for special populations (i.e. individuals with diabetes, hypertension, arthritis etc)
  • Senior adults
  • Post pregnancy

In person services are offered across the Greater Baton Rouge area. Virtual services are also available via phone, email and internet. Book a discovery call to discuss program details and information on pricing and availability.

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Note: ACE is the largest National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited nonprofit fitness certification organization in the world with a network of 50,000 fitness professionals. The ACE Health Coach certification is the only certification of its kind accredited by the NCCA. Individuals with the ACE Health Coach credential serve as a critical missing link between fitness, medical, allied health and wellness professionals, providing the knowledge and skills needed to inspire, motivate and encourage individuals to make healthy living an integral part of their lifestyles.

Discover the blessing and benefit in walking or running. Through our RRCA Certified Running Coach, you’ll get education, support and personalized training plans for injury free progress towards your goals. Areas of specialty include:

  • Beginner walk, walk/run and run programming
  • Health/lifestyle walk programs (ex. plans designed for weight loss, cardiovascular health, diabetes management etc.)
  • Custom race training plans for experienced recreational runners (5k to half marathon distances)

In person services are offered across the Greater Baton Rouge area. Virtual coaching services are also available. Schedule a discovery call to get more program details and information on pricing and availability.

[scheduling site=”http://njffs.acuityscheduling.com/”]

Note: The Road Runners Club of America is the oldest and largest national association of running clubs, running events, and runners dedicated to promoting running as a competitive sport and as healthy exercise. The RRCA Coaching Certification creates a national community of knowledgeable and ethical distance running coaches to work with runners at all levels of ability. RRCA Certified Coaches will work with runners and emphasize the use of intelligent training plans that are based on a scientific body of knowledge and designed to help a runner achieve their goals, while minimizing the risks of overuse and injury.  

Fitness Certifications and Affiliations

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