Our God is big. Why think or dream small?

I believe in my mind that He is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.
I know in my soul that I am His, and Holy Spirit lives in and works on and through me. Yet, I am convinced and convicted that too often, my dreams and plans are small.

Sometimes, during still, quiet moments when I pay attention to Holy Spirit’s urgings – I get glimpses of big things. Impressions beyond what is to what could be. Looks and longings for truly significant service, expanded outreach, increased influence and impact for His glory. My heart is touched, my passions get stoked – and I get scared.

Doubts about self flood in. Sinking higher thoughts, shrinking dreams, and diverting attention to things that are ‘more manageable.’

Being real, I see my deficiencies and question my abilities. This is understandable and in some instances, a bit of doubt of self is ok.

It is never ok to doubt God.

I’m learning when my big dreams are made small, to check the dream’s source.
If God laid it on my heart, He has laid out what is needed for it to be realized. In His time with my obedience.

I’ve decided to no longer run from or be shook by big dreams like they are nightmares. I’m replacing fear with trust, opening up, and devoting time to daydream big things.

If you also find yourself shrinking your dreams, let me know in the comments. I’ll lift you and your hopes in prayer.


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