These daily posts show everything I eat and drink.  This transparency brings accountability to me as I ‘cleanse’ from refined sugar. I hope it also provides a few simple meatless meal and snack ideas for you.

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Today was lovely.

Weather in the 80s, bright beautiful skies and the peaceful relief after following through in obedience with a hard work decision God laid on my heart – I felt light.

Slept late (7:30 on a Saturday morning is super late for me) and after some work and housework, my daughter asked if we could go for a walk to the store.

Our 11-year old asked to walk with me – her mother…

Now I get that her main motive was what she wanted to buy at the store – but a walk with mom was involved. And walk we did.

The store is just up the street, but we walked and talked for 2 miles. Lovely.    

Post walk, I hit a grocery run. The kids (who are home for the next 4 weeks due to COVID-19) gave me their food lists, but the stores were semi-bare. I picked up what seemed needed and reasonable. If quarantine happens, foods on our plates may be make shift and not match, but no complaints.

God is in control and instead of panic or stress, I’m in a settled, nesting mood/mode. Praying for the best and preparing home and heart for whatever comes. I hope trust in God, calm, and precautionary actions prevail. 

Here’s the day’s eating. 

NJ Accountability is Sweet 03142020

The wilted spinach folded into Yukon golds and sliced ripe tomato added color and nutrition to the day’s vegan ‘meat’ and potatoes meal. These veggies provide flavonoids, carotenoids, beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E that can boost immunity – so important during this  period.

BTW – the lightness I’m feeling is mental, emotional and physical. Weighed today and I’m down 4 pounds this week. Inflammation and water retention from the sugar is passing. Glory to God!

Hope you day has been well, you are eating well, and staying well.

Take care and God bless,


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