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I have a history of overweight.

For decades I exercised, dieted, detoxed… you name it – I did it. Weight always came off and always came back.

I yo-yoed and struggled and was on course for diabetes and heart disease that predominates my family health tree.

In my forties, I stopped struggling and surrendered my physical health efforts to God (#TempleCare).

My eating shifted from whatever diet was popular at the time, to honoring God with my food choices and eating foods close to the way God put them here for us (#TempleCareCooking).

Six years ago, my food philosophy evolved into faith-focused, plant-based real food eating I call #veganish.

With veganish eating:

  • I went down an additional two dress sizes (to a size I never wore and though I never would).
  • My weight STABILIZED comfortably in the healthy BMI range (a place I often insisted was not realistic for me as a black woman).
  • My blood pressure, glucose, A1C, and total cholesterol levels went down (praise God for consistently healthy lab work results).
  • My confidence and comfortability in my skin went up (this is hard to quantify but I definitely feel and am grateful for the change).
  • and I got a thigh gap. (Y’all, I was born with thick thighs, wore holes in the inside legs of my pants as a child and teen, and always made this whish-whish sound when I walked in pantyhose as an adult. This thigh change wigged me out ?!)

Real Talk: Veganish eating is not just about reshaping your body or your health – it is about reshaping your relationship with food. It’s about regarding food as an enjoyable gift from God. It’s about seeing and being thankful for His hand of provision with each meal, and honoring Him in how you feed/fuel/care for the Holy Spirit’s temple.

If you need to shift your perspective about food, you want to explore veganish eating and what that may look like for you (veganish is different for different people), or you are interested in learning how plant-forward cooking and eating may benefit you – I’d be honored to walk this TempleCare journey with you.

To start, join me Tuesday, January 19th at 7:30 pm CST at the Veganish Eating Workshop. This interactive learning experience is free and virtual via ZOOM – register at nettyejohnson.mystagingwebsite.com/veganish-workshop

And if you don’t have a copy, get your copy of The Veganish Cookbook (order at http://veganish.today).

I hope to see you there.

God bless and be well.

Nettye Johnson Veganish Eating Workshop


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