I recently spent the night alone in the woods.
And the killer did not get me.

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Here’s the backstory:

I adore nature and the outdoors, but not in the hunting, fishing, camping way. {Stalking animals, dealing with bugs, limited control over temperature, sleeping on the ground, or pooping in a hole does not appeal to me.}

When I get away from people and the trappings of modern living, I feel closer to God and myself.

For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature.
Romans 1:20 NLT

Time away and alone in nature refuels me, allows me to hear His voice more clearly, calms my nerves, and enhances ideation.

Science substantiates these nature impacts. Studies of EEG activity and salivary cortisol show that time in nature activates our brain in a way that reduces stress, relieves attention fatigue, and increases creativity.

When our kids were small, we’d take advantage of this settling and focus effect for homework when their energy was high and attention was low.

Image of kids doing homework outside - NJ Blog
Image of kids doing homework outside 2 - NJ Blog

I retreat to nature when life feels unmanageably full or it is time to move some of the swirling thoughts and plans in my head to my hands.

My crunch-time-get-it-done spot during the writing of my first two books was a local BREC park. Side note: Greater Baton Rouge is blessed with an an extraordinary, nationally accredited, award winning park system.  Do you often take advantage of the parks in your area?

Office Setup at Park - NJ Blog
Office Setup at Park 1 - NJ Blog

Recently, I felt the need for more.

Y’all God is blessing.
Doors closed during the pandemic are reopening.
Major ideas and opportunities are converging and to make sense of it I needed to be still, quiet, and listen – so I went to the woods for a getaway.

Getaway provides cabin rentals nestled in nature.

From their website:

At Getaway we believe in making space for more free time. Just two hours outside major cities, Getaway’s cozy cabins provide restorative stays in nature where you can take a break from work, wifi, and routines, and enjoy the company of those who matter most.

This tiny-house meets camping concept spoke to me, so the first week of this year, I went away for a self-care/planning stay at Getaway Homochitto, a new outpost area about 2 1/2 hours from New Orleans in Meadville, MS.

Image of Getaway cabin - NJ Blog
Image of cabin window wall - NJ Blog Post

The cabin is dorm room small, but not claustrophobic due to a smart layout including:

A luxurious bed against a huge window to take in nature. Cuddling up watching the sun set and rise through the trees was blissful. 

Image of Getaway cabin bed - NJ Post

A cute itty bitty kitchenette with a two-burner stove, mini-fridge, dishware, cookware, serve ware, a few condiments, and an adorable little smores pack. I brought a cooler packed with groceries from home, cooked and enjoyed three healthy meals during my stay.

Image of Getaway cabin kitchenette - NJ Blog

A teeny tiny separate bathroom area with a toilet and shower stall. It was small y’all, but immaculate and functional (characteristics not typically connected to camping hygiene facilities).

A sitting area with a table, two chairs, and a bench that doubles as a step up to the bed. 

NJ Getaway post - hospitality

An outside sitting area with a fire pit, grilling grate, outdoor picnic table, and chairs. Firewood is available for purchase, with firestarters and lighters. It was chilly and rainy during my stay so I skipped using the outside area. I did however take a hike around the outpost.

Hike around the Getaway Homochitto outpost - NJ Blog

Now, let’s talk about safety. 

A black woman alone in the woods in Mississippi can raise concern on multiple levels so this was important for my husband and son who are very protective, as well as my daughter and me (we watch a lot of Lifetime killer movies).

While I was there, I didn’t come in contact (or direct sight) with another person. 

Check-in was contact-free. The cabins are secured by a digital lock code, texted the morning of arrival. It was convenient and COVID safe.

The Homochitto outpost contains 40 cabins spaced far enough away from each other for quiet and privacy, yet close enough to hear screams or run to if chased (Lifetime killer movie factor).

Image of Getaway Cabin

Before settling in for the night, I placed chairs against the locked door to further prevent entry and alert me if anybody tried to get in. I was also prepared with a little something-something for anyone who unfortunately got in.

That night I enjoyed rest. Quiet, still, sweet rest.

The next morning, I got to work. Prayerful, purposeful, productive work.

NJ Getaway post - Work from bed
NJ Getaway post - Work from bed

At Getaway I got the perfect mix of peace, quiet, isolation, beauty, and productivity from time alone in the woods I wanted, with the comfort and safety I needed.

My only regret is the time. Not sure how it would go, I only booked one night. Will do an extended stay next time.

Getaway currently has outposts:

  • Near Atlanta: Getaway Chattahoochee is in Suches, Georgia.
  • Between Austin and San Antonio: Getaway Hill Country is in Wimberley, Texas.
  • Near Boston: Getaway Blake Brook is in Epsom, New Hampshire.
  • Between Charlotte and Raleigh: Getaway Asheboro is in Asheboro, NC.
  • Near Chicago: Getaway Barber Creek is in Grand Junction, MI.
  • Near Dallas: Getaway Piney Woods is in LaRue, Texas.
  • Near Hartford and New York: Getaway Machimoodus
  • Near Houston: Getaway Brazos Valley is in Navasota, Texas.
  • Near Kansas City: Getaway Getaway Ozark Highlands is in Osceola, Missouri.
  • Near Los Angeles: Getaway Big Bear is in Running Springs, California.
  • Near Minneapolis: Getaway Kettle River
  • Near Nashville: Getaway Dale Hollow is in Celina, TN.
  • Near New Orleans: Getaway Homochitto is in Meadville, MS.
  • Near New York City: Getaway Eastern Catskills is in Catskill, New York, and Getaway Western Catskills is in Roscoe, NY.
  • Between Pittsburgh and Cleveland: Getaway Beaver Creek is in Lisbon, Ohio.
  • Near Portland: Getaway Mount Adams is in Glenwood, Washington.
  • Near Seattle: Getaway Skagit Valley
  • Near Washington DC: Getaway Shenandoah is a short distance from Shenandoah National Park in Stanardsville, Virginia.

What place brings you peace and productivity? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about your special place.

If the Getaway experience intrigues or interests you, use my referral link to save on your booking. 

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