Happy Mother’s Day!


This year to celebrate mothers, our church compiled short videos of mother and daughters from the congregation sharing their thoughts about mothers.

My daughter and I were asked to share and contributed the following.

Video Transcript

Happy Mother’s Day, Everyone

I’m Etana Johnson, and this is my mother and Nettye Johnson.

What we think about mothers.

Mothers are super-heroines of our lives.
They love us, protect us, teach us right from wrong and remind us that we are all beautiful.
{That’s just my opinion. There are many others…}

Life wouldn’t be the same without Mama. She is the one who made me who I am today.
I don’t know where I’d be without her.
I love you very much, and I hope you have the best Mother’s Day ever.

NJ Mothers Are Super Heroines

{Thank you, Tootie boot!}
Goodness, gracious. Um, about being a mom.

Motherhood is such a special, precious, and privileged role.

I think that if most people – if you were to ask them who is one of the most influential persons in their life, people will say their mom.
I know that’s certainly the case with me.

This role is so precious.
Let us not discount that even when we look in the Bible at Jesus’s life – when he entered into human existence, Mary was there. And when he left at the cross, Mary was there.

Women, the mothers, they’re going to be there for you.
They’re better than a ‘ride or die’; they always have your back.

Well, when we think about everything that is involved with being a mom or when we have a mom – I think the word that comes to mind for me is to remember that it is a privilege.

It’s really a privilege that God places another soul in the life of a woman for that woman to love and to nurture.
To help them to know God, and help them to then know themselves and grow into who God intends and created them to be.

And it’s just such a really special, special bond and role.

Let me just say this too.

Mothering does not always have to come through blood or birth.

I think that we also have people that God has put in our lives that have had a mothering role. And whether it’s people that are older than us, we can see great examples of mothering in our contemporaries, even people younger than us.

I think of examples, even at New Hope, um, Sister Lee has definitely had a mothering role, not only to me but to our kids.
Contemporaries, I think of like Sister Sheryl Harrison or Priscilla Stevens.
And even younger than us. I look at some younger mothers that are coming up and how they’re raising their families and are great examples where we see this mothering role.

So wherever it connects, today…

Let’s celebrate mothers.

And if your mother is still with you, please do celebrate and cherish her.
And if, like me, your mom is no longer here, let’s cherish and celebrate their memories.

And, let us also during this time, remember those for whom Mother’s Day is a challenging time. Let’s cover them with love and prayer.

So, that’s what we think about mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Enjoy. Enjoy this special day.

God bless you.



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