How active and effective are you for the Lord?
Scripture makes it clear that every believer is given spiritual gifts according to the Holy Spirit’s choice or direction – for the purpose of edifying other believers. Spiritual gifts can change and affect every aspect of life. They provide clues to God’s intention for your life and affirm the uniqueness of your calling as a human instrument of His grace.
God wants you to know and use your gift(s).
If you want to be more effective in your life and service, an important step is one of introspection. Looking at who God created you to be, and making sure that what you do, (or want to do), lines up with what God wants and has gifted you to do.
Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts is an exploratory workshop that can help along that path.  This class will give a biblical understanding of the definition, types and purposes of spiritual gifts.  Additionally, participants will discover their own gifts, examine gifts at work in others, and understand how they influence and relate to their personal life and the work of the church.
Come out and explore with us.  Class will be held from 8 am – 5 pm on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the New Hope Christian Education Institute.  New Hope Baptist Church – Rev Leo D. Cyrus, Sr., Pastor;  5856 Greenwell Springs Road.   Registration is required.  For more information call 225-926-0246.
Note: The class, institute and instructor are certified by the
National Baptist Convention USA, Congress of Christian Education. 
      Certificate of Progress Program Course # 7024 (Phase 2 required course).
For information on my other class and workshop offerings, check out www.nettyejohnson.mystagingwebsite.com/faith.html

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