Does your exercise routine include weight training?  If not – it should. 
Weight training is tremendously helpful in weight loss, changing the shape of your body and building/maintaining health.  Weight training increases muscle mass that gives nice shape and definition to your body.  Additionally, since muscle burns more calories than fat, your metabolism increases and you burn more calories all day long.  Weight training also strengthens your heart and bones, helps improves posture/balance, can help prevent injury, and aide performance in other physical activities. 
Need more support to start lifting?
The average person can lose up to 40% of their muscle mass between the ages of 20 and 80. Including free weights or weight machines in your fitness routine can limit this age related muscle loss. 
Still not convinced? 
Just check out pictures of these folks who regularly include weight training in their exercise routines. 

Alrighty now…
BTW – Iโ€™m 4 weeks into a 90 day comprehensive weight training program with a few friends who also want to increase strength and add cuts to our curves.  Everyone is seeing nice results and I just  LUV IT.  I feel stronger, and my body is already changing on the road to Michelle Obama arms.  If you are not sure where to start or want a complete program to shake up your current strength training routine โ€“ contact me.  A second team will be starting in early October.

Get to lifting!

References: Obesity Research Journal;  Shape Magazine


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