Lack of time is the most common excuse given for not exercising or dropping out of a program of activity.  We can’t make time – God gives everyone 24 hours a day – so let’s redeem some of it.  
Consider moving some sitting TV time to physical productivity.  Watch your favorite half hour or hour of daily programming while working out on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike. 
photo: revupforfitness.com
Need to work up to that amount of time?  The average one hour television show has ~22 minutes of commercials.  Get moving (and not to the frig) during those commercials.  Devote each commercial break to a different activity or body part.  
 For ideas, pick some exercises appropriate to your fitness level from these home based workouts from the Mayo Clinic, Health Magazine and Livestrong.com
photo: creativebioscience.com


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