Does your exercise routine include Weight Training?

It’s in the routines of the people in these pictures…

Beyond helping you look good, weight training is tremendously helpful in weight loss, changing the shape of your body, and building/maintaining health.

Weight training increases muscle mass and since muscle burns more calories than fat, your metabolism increases and you burn more calories all day long. Weight training also strengthens your heart and bones, helps improves posture/balance, can help prevent injury, and improve performance in other physical activities.

Need more support to start lifting? 
The average person can lose up to 40% of their muscle mass between the ages of 20 and 80. Including free weights or weight machines in your fitness routine can limit this age related muscle loss.

If you are not sure where to start or want a complete program to shake up your current strength training routine , join our 90 day Strength Training Accountability Team.  The program is based upon the formula:

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success
For Fitness: Les Mills Pump 

Done 3 times a week, this barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program reshapes a person’s entire body extremely fast! Unlike traditional strength workouts that use heavy weights to bulk people up, this program features light-to-moderate weights used at a higher rate of repetition (60-100 reps per body part). The constantly changing tempo, body position, and speed breaks down more fat reserves, targets more muscle fibers, and burns more calories than traditional weight training. 

For Nutrition: Lean/clean Eating Program and Shakeology

The system includes a nutrition program with 113 pages of information, meal ideas and recipes coordinated to fuel your body with healthy delicious foods that support your intense workouts. We also replace one meal or snack a day with Shakeology β€” a patent-pending nutritional protein shake that provides proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, prebiotics and digestive enzymes to repair and strengthen our bodies from a cellular level.

For Support: Beachbody Club Membership and Facebook Group 

Even when we know what to do, we often need a bit of a push to do it. The program also includes membership in the Beachbody Club β€” an online community that connects to cutting edge fitness/nutrition information, as well as thousands of other people on a similar journey. For more personal support, team members are also connected in a closed Facebook group where we check in daily for support, and accountability.

The Les Mills Pump Challenge Pack includes:

7 workouts on 7 DVDs (ranging from 20-55 mins per workout) Note: Order from me and you’ll get a

bonus workout on a 8th DVD
Padded barbell with speed safety clips
Two 5-lb. weight plates
Two 10-lb. weight plates
Tape measure and measurement tracker
Get Lean Nutrition Guide
Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide
One month supply of Shakeology
One month Beachbody Club Membership

Optional program add ons include:3 additional cardio workouts on 3 DVDs
Step platform plus 4 risers
Two additional 5-lb. weight plates

    Our current Les Mills Pump Accountability Group started in March, 2013. If you are interested in the next group this summer Contact me for more information or to secure a spot on the team. We’re going to DIG IN!

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