Excluding school pictures, I’m guessing there are ~27 pictures of me as a child.  Of our children… a conservative guess is about 2,700. Smartphones have been a game changer. They make capturing memories so easy.

Now what do you do with all those pictures?  Seriously. I’m interested in learning what works for folks. I have pictures on CDs, hard drives and thumb drives, in shoe boxes, old school albums (the kind with the sticky page and transparency overlay), and in the cloud. Digital images are convenient but akin to paper book over ebook, I prefer printed pictures.  As of late, my smartphone images worth keeping, in addition to digital storage, go to print in GrooveBook Photobooks.

GrooveBook is basically an app with a subscription service that each month prints 40-100 photos from your smartphone in a 4.5″ x 6.5″ photo book for $2.99 (the shipping and handling fee).  The photos are printed on glossy paper with a perforation so you can easily remove them from the book if desired. The photo’s time/date stamp is also printed in the binding margin (nice little memory book add).

opengroovebook image nettyejohnsoncom

More on how it works:

I saw GrooveBook on Shark Tank and thought there had to be a catch.  There isn’t. They do what they promise and you get much more than you pay for.

So far we’ve used GrooveBook for end of school and summer memory books, ordered multiples and had them sent directly to family – (additional books are $2.99 as well).  As a small business owner, I also create books with pictures from my speaking engagements or images of product offerings – again for $2.99 each (you can’t beat this with a stick).

How could you put this convenient and cost effective photobook app/process to good use?

Want to give GrooveBook a try for free?

  1. Go to www.GrooveBook.com and download the free GrooveBook app (it’s available for Apple and Android devices).
  2. Follow the signup instructions and enter promo code JOHNSON12693 at checkout.
  3. Begin reviewing and uploading photos.

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

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