Meatless Monday began in 2003 in response to the release of the Healthy People 2010 report, which included goals to reduce dietary saturated fat by 15%. “Since saturated fat primarily comes from meat and animal products and since one day a week is just under 15% of the week, Meatless Monday was a practical method for helping people to meet those goals.  (Meatless Monday, By Sharon Palmer, RD, Today’s Dietitian, Vol. 15 No. 1 P. 38)

I’ve gone meatless on Monday for the past few months and have been asked to share what I eat on those days. 

Here are my Meatless Meals for Monday, September 1st:
Yes it was Labor Day and I remained true to my meatless commitment.  My food choices were different, delicious and I didn’t miss the traditional beef and pig BBQ fest one bit.

Breakfast: The morning was so busy, I had eaten half before I remembered to take a picture.  Breakfast was light but filling – a boiled egg, toast and and pluot.

Snack 1: popcorn 

Main Meal

Lovely right!  A grilled Morningstar Farms Griller with a light swipe of BBQ sauce served open faced atop rye bread, baby kale, baby spinach, carrot and chard salad mix, red onion, with a touch of blue cheese, a deviled egg and fruit. Scrumptious!

PM Meal:  A few almonds and dried fruit. (The main meal stuck with me so I was not hungry for another full meal.)

And of course lots and lots of water:

BTW – MorningStar Farms is one of my favorites.  Their vege burgers are delicious. They have a significant vegetarian product line and support Meatless Mondays with information, recipes etc. See more…

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