These daily posts show everything I eat and drink (excluding all the water).  This transparency brings accountability to me as I ‘cleanse’ from refined sugar. I hope it also provides a few simple meatless meal ideas for you.

Well – it looks like this log may be short lived as my sugar cravings are already gone. While the log started two days ago, I didn’t do the ‘wait until Monday to start’ thing.  When the need was laid on my heart, I responded. So today makes day six off refined sugar. The first few days took mental energy, and Saturday was a bit uncomfortable due to a withdrawal headache. Yesterday and today, I noticed signs that my usual tolerance and taste for natural sweets has returned. I’ll continue the log a bit longer and keep posting. 

Today’s eats:  hump day brought another empty stomach run followed by oatmeal, a boiled egg and water.

Low and slow cooking creams up old fashioned oats without the use of butter or dairy milk.  A pinch of salt and splash of almond milk are fine substitutes.  Chopped apples, raisins and a dollop of cinnamon date paste provide sweetness.

For lunch, a bright salad of arugula, garbanzo beans, apple-infused dried cranberries, quinoa, red onion and roasted mushrooms with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette.  It was lovely.

Snacks – water and a handful of nuts (or two… or three).

For dinner, an encore of Italian veggie bake from yesterday with a garlic ciabatta roll.  One day of leftovers does it for me, so the remaining bake was frozen.  I packed it away in individual serving containers labelled with the contents and date and added to a freezer food log stored in an online note. Squirreled away leftovers are a blessing on busy days. A quick check of the log is all it takes to plan a healthy meal. 

My after dinner snack/dessert. Popcorn. 

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