These daily posts show everything I eat and drink (excluding water).  The accountability accelerates success as I adjust to a ‘new normal’ during this period of recovery from the Louisiana Flood.  I hope it also provides a few simple meatless meal ideas and TempleCare Tips to help you care for your body during challenging times.


The day started with another early rising and workout. (Getting up was easier today.) This time I did Stacked and a 1 mile pace run. Felt fabulous.


Kombucha. Should have had more, but didn’t have time.

Early Lunch:

Sandwich and chips.

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I don’t have word for how good this was. In this Make Your Own Sandwich from Whole Foods Market: Vegan chicken salad on a spinach tortilla with a blue cheese spread, tomato, red onion and sprouts. When they toasted it up it went to another level. The outside was crisp, the inside was gooey – it was amazing. The crunchy texture of the blue cheese chips provided a nice contrast to the sandwich. I asked for a smaller than normal portion and the sandwich was only $5.  So much better than Subway.


Burger and fries.


My go to for a burger and fries is Mooyah Burger.  They do veggie burgers right. Here, I opted for a wrap of lettuce instead of a bun, with heavy honey mustard, heavy sauteed mushrooms, and some crispy onions.

TempleCare Tip: Make Simple Swaps

Don’t despise small changes.  They are easy to incorporate, increase self efficacy, and when done consistently bring substantial, sustainable results.  Look for simple substitutions that move towards health. A few examples from meals today – hitting Whole Foods sandwich bar instead of a Po-boy shop or Subway. Mooyah veggie burger over a fast food or other burger joint. Lettuce on the burger instead of a bun. Small changes – solid results.

We’ll explore this more in TempleCare For Trying Times.  Program starting soon.



Friday eats.

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