Last night I attended an advanced screening of A Question of Faith.

NJ and Toni R at A Question of Faith Screening

A Question of Faith - Movie

This film addresses social, moral, and spiritual issues including texting and driving, organ donation, forgiveness, and racial reconciliation with a connecting exploration of our relationship with God when faced with tragedy.

The movie makes you stop and ask yourself how do you respond when you are pressed and in pain?

Do you run to God or away from Him?

Is your trust in Him immediately deepened or are you filed with doubt?

How do you handle being angry with God?

A Question of Faith Collage
What do you do when your faith is shaken?

A Question of Faith 07

There was a discussion after the screening.

Different people with different life walks and different testimonies shared how they related to characters in the movie. They shared how real the movie was and how well it displayed the span and complexities of thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and actions folks experience when their faith is tested.

This movie can save lives and help hurt souls.

Check out and pass along the trailer.

A Question Of Faith 02
Mark your calendar for the opening weekend of September 29th and let’s blow up movie attendance that weekend.

The movie industry uses opening weekend numbers for promotion, funding, and distribution decisions. Let’s show up big like we did for War Room and send the message that films of faith that unashamedly glorify God and edify people are wanted, needed, and should continue to be made.

Discounted tickets are available for groups, or you can host a private Movie Premiere at a theater near you, and invite your family, friends, co-workers, school, church and other organizations to attend. For more info call 800-585-1892.

BTW – I was blessed with the movie soundtrack. There was high praise in the car this morning with my kids.

BBTW – Kim Fields did this! She was FANTASTIC in the role of Theresa.


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