This month I have large goals (family, personal and professional) with limited resources (time, manpower etc).

Can you relate?

Employing the principle of consistency will help make things happen.

If you struggle with consistency, check out this Facebook Live video and print this post or click here to download a supplement with note pages and other helpful information.

Facebook Live Notes 

[00:50] Consistency can help us ______________.

[ 1:06] The Bible speaks to consistency.

Pray without ____________. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

The Greek word spoudazo often translated to study in 2 Timothy 2:15 (“study to show thyself approved…”) means be                                   .

[ 1:29]

[02:41]  Your level of consistency points to your level of ________________.

To improve your consistency: 

[ 2:53] 1.  ____________ your self-talk.

We are all consistent in some areas or actions in our lives.  We overcome challenges and barriers because we are committed to that action/cause.

[4:47] We can be consistent in other areas if it is __________________.

[ 5:00] 2. Is the action a  __________ or a ____________.

Sometimes consistency is not possible/probable because the action can not be ___________.

[ 6:50] Find actions that are really ______________ to you and are a ______ for your life.

[ 7:08] 3. ____________ the new action to something you currently do consistently.

[ 7:30] Addictions and __________ are powerful because they drive us to action without thought.

[ 7:47] _______________ the power of habit!

Take Action

What are 5 things I do consistently?



What is the new action I’d like to perform regularly to move me towards my goal?


Is it a fit for my life (i.e. can I do realistically do this regularly)?  I’m talking eryday!

If not, how can it be adjusted or what is something else that I can do regularly that can move me towards that goal?


What current habit can I anchor this new action to?


Now get to it!

If you’d like more help, let’s talk. Go to the Work With Nettye page on my website and book a Discovery call. I’d love to step through this with you.

You can do it!



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