I adore soup.

Adore. Adore. Adore. Adore.

Not much beats curling up with a good book and hot bowl of sumptuous soup on a cold lazy day.
With the restoration of our kitchen near complete {praise God!}, I’ve committed to start 2018 making this relaxation meal happen once a week minimum. I’ve also committed to expand my soup repertoire and try new recipes a couple of times a month. Here’s my first recipe to try.


Several years ago, one of my running buddies Vanessa introduced me to Pho at a local Vietnamese restaurant. The simple soup has a deep complex mix of flavors – so yummy!
Typically Pho is made with beef or chicken simmered in fish sauce.


This vegetarian version from Cookie and Kate uses sauteed onions, shitake mushrooms, spices and soy sauce to create depth and richness of flavors.


Check out the recipe here.


Do you adore soup as well? If so, please share your favorite recipe.
If you try this vegetarian pho recipe, please share your thoughts.

Image sources: Cookie and Kate, Matthew Hamilton and Milkovi.

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