The Promobox subscription from Vistaprint is relatively new to me, and it may be an interest to you if you are a small business owner. It may also be a fit if you work for a small non-profit or if you’re involved in a ministry where promotional materials that can get the word out about what you do, your mission, and your events may be helpful.

Check out the unboxing of my first two promoboxes.


As mentioned in the video, I contacted Vistaprint customer service and the designer spent about 45 minutes with me on the phone. He updated my profile to better capture my brand, recreated the banner and two other items that were not in line my organization’s feel, and sent the replacements to me with expedited shipping at no cost. This is typical of my experience with Vistaprint – when a mistake is made, they promptly make it right.

That said, while I still use Vistaprint’s regular services, after a few more shipments, I cancelled my promobox subscription. I liked and found use for only 1 or 2 items per box, and while the items are nice – they are not always needed in my business. At this time the benefits of this promotional item subscription service do not outweigh the cost and clutter that comes from getting items I won’t use. {Post flood, I’m highly commitment to clutter-free living.}

Overall, I think Vistaprint is a great company and the promobox program is promising. It is just not a fit for my organization at this time.  Want to give it a try to see if it can be helpful for you? Go to http://vistaprint.com/promobox





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