Fresh herbs. Don’t buy em – grow em.

I understand it is mid-winter and growing herbs outside is out of the question in much of the US right now.

Same here in the deep south. In true Louisiana winter fashion, our weather regularly swings 20-30 degrees in an 18 hour period. The weather is too bi-polar cold to grow herbs outside.

But an indoor window sill still works.

I always have a collection of fresh herbs growing by my kitchen counter window and recommend you do too. 


5 Reasons to Windowsill Garden Fresh Herbs

  1. Fresh herbs elevate the innate flavor of foods like nothing else. They bring out flavor profile complexities of simple foods.
  2. Using fresh herbs can help your health. The use of fresh herbs to season foods can reduce the need for other flavor enhancers like salt, sugar, and fat that in excess harm health (are already prevalent in the standard American diet).
  3. Live plants can help the health of your home by reducing levels of carbon dioxide and certain pollutants, such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide.
  4. Growing fresh herbs is cheap. A small pot of live herbs cost less than a small package of cut herbs. Your small investment has ongoing returns. As you use the herbs, {prune the plant}, it regenerates and grows.
  5. Fresh herbs are a natural addition to kitchen decor. Get some cute pots and go Joanna Gaines-ish with it.


Currently, our indoor herbs include staples – rosemary, thyme and basil. We also have a small pot of cilantro picked up last weekend at Trader Joes that is growing wild.

This morning, I pruned the cilantro and played off that flavor with some salsa and peppers on top of scrambled egg whites.

NJ Fresh Herbs 4

I paired the egg whites with some sauteed mushrooms and spinach in the fridge from this weekend’s ingredient prep.

NJ Fresh Herbs 5 NJ Fresh Herbs 6

I also tried a new vegan sausage patty. [Truth moment. The patty was a fail. Didn’t like the taste of it at all…] Patty in the trash, the rest of the breakfast was delish and took less than 10-minutes.

NJ Fresh Herbs 8

Good and clean eating is easy with a healthfully stocked kitchen.

Apply “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” to healthy eating. It’ll bless your body and your day.

Need ideas to get started growing fresh herbs? Check details of these 5 Best Plants for your Herb Garden  

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