Power PraiseMoves

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PraiseMoves is The Christian Alternative to Yoga.  In this CD, get three 3 flowing, high-energy, flowing workouts to strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility while renewing your mind and nourishing their spirit on God’s Word.

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Over 16.5 million Americans practice some form of yoga. Many are Christians who are looking for a Christ–centered alternative to their exercise routine.

From the creator of the popular PraiseMoves–The Christian Alternative to Yoga DVD, Laurette Willis offers a flowing, high-energy workout that feeds your mind and nourishes your soul with God’s Word. Each posture is linked to Scripture to transform workouts into times of worship.

The challenging program on the DVD includes:

  • 35-minute power workout
  • two 25-minute workouts that can be combined into one dynamic 50-minute session
  • bonus segments for warm-up and abs strengthening
  • exercise booklet with photos and descriptions of PraiseMoves postures



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